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About Me

My name is Sophia Nonye Uroko I was born and bred in the eastern part of Nigerian. I am 42 years old. After my secondary school education in 1994, I came to the western part of the country for university education. I had my first degree (Personnel Management) from Obafemi Awolowo university, Ile-Ife, thereafter I went to the southern part of the country for my masters degree (MBA) at University of Calabar (Unical), and finished in 2006. I have worked with Leventis group head office in Nigeria for 7yrs, from there I moved to GZ group - the pioneer company that produces beverage cans in Nigeria - I spent 4yrs with them, then I came to Voice of Nigeria in 2012 working in the administration department till date. I am married with a child. I am living with my husband in Lagos, Nigeria

My Vision

I have passion in the education of the girl child. empowerment of the women of low estate.


How to gather these girl children together for education.


I can teach. I have so many experiences that helped me in life I can share.


Education EqualityEmpowering Girls