Soumya Vilekar
Posted December 4, 2013 from India

Hatred is thy name, within the hearts burning wildly sans the sense of humanity igniting odium, stirring communalism…

Who else shall face this wrath? innocent people become victims for once shall never the mind think, while running directionless in name of fanaticism…

Bloodshed ,gore speak as mutes screams the shriek of human soul flood of sinfulness overpowers the aftermath on mankind for years.

Religion, thy name you gave for the reason of the conflict forget thou amidst the chaos you are a human being first then are of some caste and creed…

then why the bloodshed , why the poisonous sting, whilst you face the same God, whose child you have killed.

Where will this abhorrence lead to, on the doors of hell on earth, will thy be ever, able to face again thyself in the mirror!


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Shaheen S Dhanji
Dec 05, 2013
Dec 05, 2013

...And, dear Soumya, splendid is your poem -- the timeless word "Hatred" has reigned our universe in all features of life. Where love and unity should command us, hate and nefariousness govern our senses and sensitivities - trickling out in all directions - human-value smeared to ashes. I wonder are we allowed to groan while we suffocate? In the name of any Holy Book an innocent civilian is butchered by the hands of the demi-gods - while they/we crawl like resurrected corpses from one colossal grave to another.

Your poem is a catalyst - a commanding catalyst, I dare say ! It echoes (to me) a dire need to emancipate ourselves from loathe-some mind-sets that have bound up in our own skins, plead for revolution or love, sudden cracks of deliverance - swift as thunder, a bolt to slay hate. After all, love is revolutionary, hate always reactionary. Wasn't this the reason why we penned our anthology, 'Suroor of the Soul'? We shall continue our efforts. Loved the poem much !

Soumya Vilekar
Dec 06, 2013
Dec 06, 2013

Thanks Shaheen for joining hands and walking on the same path always .The sense of our humaneness have always been the strong reason for emoting out the real thoughts and views of our inner self. Our soul cries for the dumbness and deafness of the community of this earth which cease to call themselves as humans and have got more involved in naming them as people of different communities. Humanity has faded and religion has been one of the reasons which has been pulled forcibly into picture by distorting the real message of every religion. Nothing stands above humanity and everyone seems to have forgotten this. Nevertheless,such clashes due to hatred within,is wiping out the real essence of being a human. Yes,this being one of the real reasons,for "Suroor".it hurts to see everyone confused to be in such a disarray ,when reality is simple love and compassion,which isn't harder nor difficult.