Soumya Vilekar
Posted December 1, 2013 from India

In voice for the dying condition of mankind, the crying soul speaks:

A thickened smog spreads visibility ends, should a ray of light guide the world, through the dense barricade. darkened life, horrific surroundings , humans cease to live conscience within if guides the way, lest doomed is the future of the earth designated.

Cannibals existed in prehistoric times, stone age showed the evolution sign, centuries took to origin of species, transforming and being phylogenetic, the path suddenly seems reversed, or is it lost in the shrouded cover, every corner speaks of power, chaos ruling minds of Bedlam.

where is the destination of this voyage, the smothering dark cloud of rage and wrath suffocates, shearing this impenetrable isn’t easy, who will be then taking the initiative? generations will swipe away thus, will anything be left called mankind ever?


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Shaheen S Dhanji
Dec 01, 2013
Dec 01, 2013

Thank you, dear Soumya, for such a powerful poem !

There are some vital questions and statements in this poem that needs our attention if we are to survive the chaos and destruction. Your poem echoes strong deliverance of the humanness in being a human -- surely we cannot escape these perpetual questions.

Wishing you immense success in all your efforts in out-reaching and sharing your endeavours for a just and equal world. Your poem speaks to the heart and mind, all at once.

Soumya Vilekar
Dec 01, 2013
Dec 01, 2013

Very true Shaheen. It is the depth,that is required now to understand the crevices that have been formed in the definition of humanity,which has pushed us back to the ages when,being civilized wasn't known. Even though hailing from ancient civilizations,we all suffer the same pain today,where humanity is to yet reach its destination and is falling down with time.

Thanks for the wishes too, Soumya