Soumya Vilekar
Posted March 8, 2014 from India

While the world celebrates this day 8th March as Women's Day ,let me sing a lore of the rise of a woman from the age old clutches and freedom in which she soars breaking the pinions that imprisoned her mind,body and soul... to create a niche of herself in this universe , when she rises from the fire of struggles , like a phoenix.

It’s a dream , a simple wish neither jewels fancy me nor the glitter of being rich… as a tiny colourful bird, I want to wing my feathers spreading in the open air to hover over the colourless ocean…

Clipped , chained, I lay in tethers in the dark abyss The dust of nostalgia suffocates my nostrils…

From ages , restrained I am crumpled like a rose ,petals crushed, Oh! Who doth seen , The blood that oozes When Iam strangled within my shelter…

Buried beneath the fire ablaze Watch the smoke moving high kisses the clouds white… I await…to be born again.. from the ashes of the pyre… Like a phoenix ..of modern times.



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Shaheen S Dhanji
Mar 08, 2014
Mar 08, 2014

Ah, my dear Soumya ! Your verse speaks between breath and speech, tugs the heart and resurrects the senses and sensibilities.

"The dust of nostalgia suffocates my nostrils" -- one can also smell its' ashes and residues - you have not only written a very profound piece, but, a very necessary one - for each human to probe within and cultivate space for introspection. You are such a significant paradigm in our world ! Love your ink, more and more.

Soumya Vilekar
Mar 20, 2014
Mar 20, 2014

Dear Shaheen, when "the dust of nostalgia " is felt through your nostrils as I write here about the lines, I feel the verse reaches its mark and achieves the perfectness of sense and sensibility. You as a reader do make the lines comes alive with the thoughts. Iam happy I could express a simple thought as this one, as a woman and oculd tribute it on the women's day. For every day ,should now be a day of woman,where she proclaims herself as the winner and leader of her own. Thank you once again for the ever encouragement and inspiration, Soumya