"SHE"- Births a new era !

Soumya Vilekar
Posted June 3, 2014 from India

The tiny fingers that curl inside and clasp her tightly in the small palm signifies an infant is nearby, a baby is born! The arrival of a child is welcomed and the whole house sparkles in joy.

Someone from the flood of guests, asks "Is the newborn a girl or a boy?"

The proud mother announces, "She is my princess, the brave warrior". Eyes remain wide open hearing this,as everyone gets shocked. The village which never allows a baby girl to be born and kills every female foetus before birth,becomes outraged. Amidst the celebrations, hundreds of swords come out , ready to axe the new life. The mother screams at the insane crowd and warns if anyone dares to touch her child.The next moment ,she picks up the bundle of warmth and her life to walk away from the ignorant ,inhumane society that exists in the corner of this world and steps out of the imaginary limits to face the world and create a new realm for her child. She empowers her thoughts to fight the age old false egoistic traditions and fights for the equality of girls.

"She fights her battle like a valiant warrior sporting a new robe of courage . guarding off herself with a rapier glazed slashes the nonsense and babble shedding the dead old skin . yet unlike the rest, she dares forth determined, in her combat with the vagaries of social metaphor.

Her weapon is the most powerful, ,the five and half inch pen killing millions with a single severe blow of words… while reviving hundreds from the dead chores…

A new hope rises from the ashes of oblivion A neoteric incarnation of a woman in the dominion of chauvinists…

spoke she with humility pulling the truth that laid beneath the mattress she shakes the conscience of the slumber, to lift the losing values of human coherence…

Births a new age, When a woman is armed with intelligence fortified by mental strength ready to shoulder the task in a nations’ progress."

Unlike the woman discussed above, there are millions of woman who till date, remain silent to the inhumanely injustice done to them and their girl child. The courage to stand and face is somewhere lacking or hidden,what is required is the faith they should have in themselves. The power of changing a situation , the power of igniting spark, the power of patience and perseverance should be used in standing up for self against all odds to protect the girl of tomorrow. A small leap then will create a giant step for this mankind.

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Shaheen S Dhanji
Jun 05, 2014
Jun 05, 2014

Ah, yet another vibrant post ! The imperative freedom of a girl-child MUST always commence from the domestic milieu, thus, your views are a direct necessity to the absolute reflection of the baby girl accepted in a wholesome and equal manner of that of a baby boy. I am familiar with both South Asian and Persian cultures, where, the baby-boy's arrival into the world is but a jubilant celebration, whereas, the baby-girl is still marginalised. The interesting part is, that, elitist and upper-middle-class families happen to be the instigators of such 'gender-bias glory', the pompous and dangerous views of such must be curbed as it reflects profound injustice, inequality and subjugation. If you get a moment I fancy you to read my post on 'Fairy-tale addictions', though, the piece is satirical, nevertheless, the key points remain vivid and in great clarity as telling stories to baby-girls, stories which 'empower' young girls is very significant. Stories like the typical Cinderalla, Rapunzel, et al --- are extremely dangerous and heinous to be exact, for, such tales are heavily high on oppressing, suppressing and alienating young girls - as the ideology represented in these stories reveal a dependency to rely on 'prince charming to rescue the maiden' ! Surely, this is absurd and confrontation with asinine stories like these need to be banned ! Your post surely echoes and unifies the need to re-define parameters set in a turbulent history of gender inequality and dishonour -- the work must commence from grass root issues and then addressed for dialogue to seep into social-political-cultural-religious segments of society to reposition itself -- your post explores a genuine and strong conviction and stance to wholeheartedly celebrate birth of a girl-child - after all, isn't it a woman who gives birth?! Your post title says it all, my friend !

Soumya Vilekar
Jun 06, 2014
Jun 06, 2014

Dear Shaheen, Yes, the sheer truth of today's world still lies hidden in he folds of such scenarios where the birth of a girl child is silently heard or else silenced. The gender based discrimination going since ages has been restricted in many parts of the world yet remains a major fraction of the society. The need is to awaken this part of society and educate the women to realize th eworth of a child,not a girl or a boy. There are millions of families who remain childless and crave for a baby. The gender based discrimination shall hold no bar if equal right is given to the girl child in education,employment and life. After all the woman is the one who runs a home .She is the anchor of the house,society,and relations. Her thoughts, ideas, freedom and education shall effect the growth and prosperity of a household and in turn of society and nation. Every woman ought to realize and stand up for the discrimination which leads to infant killings at places and also foeticide. I have read your piece long back and I remember the way you had raised the sensitive issue of the impact of such stories on young minds. Hope such endeavour shall start a way to stop such irrational thinking of people and society. Best wishes, Soumya