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Soumya Vilekar
Posted September 30, 2015 from India

"Gender based violence"- The phrase itself creates an idea of terror in mind. While we are all aware of the discrimination of women in various sections of society in every corner of the world. This discrimination has lead to a typical type of violence which is yet unspoken about.

Molesting and harassing a female ,be it a woman or a child exists in our society since very long and people have mutely observed it without even speakinga word of it. The heinous character of humans which can lay hand on an innocent child forgetting about every ethic and soul of humanity is barbaric. Such acts have got encouraged due to the silent absorption of such crimes in families, neighbourhood and in our localities.

I felt to join this group to observe and know how this worldpulse group is taking efforts to eradicate this acts of inhumanity and how can I spread a word about it to create awareness amongst one and all in all the age groups of womanhood.

We, women should as friends, comrades, companions help each and support other , create an alertness in society to raise a voice against this kind of cruel behaviour.

I speacially request friends from Asia to come forward and unify their voices here.

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Pushpa Achanta
Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015

Dear Soumya,

Glad to know your vital views. Let's remember that gender/sexual minorities and especially transpersons also experience extreme gender violence, harassment and discrimination. Together and individually, a way to fight gender violence is by sensitizing men/boys to respect women/girls as fellow humans while encouraging women to recogninze their independent identity and potential.

Warmth & solidarity,


Kristina M
Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015

Dear Soumya,

I hope you find the resources you are looking for to help create awareness in your community about this discrimination and violence.  I believe silence is the biggest contributor to the ongoing cycle of this unacceptable behavior.

Nov 04, 2015
Nov 04, 2015

Hello, Soumya.

I am not from Asia, but I very much enjoyed my time in Thailand in 2012 and could identify with some of the places I went to and things I saw.

I agree with you that nothing justifies injustice. It is good that we continue to raise awareness around us. More peace and less suffering are worth fighting for; and World Pulse is a nice place to learn and share. 

Look forward to reading how things move in your community.