Can we all become civilized?

Soumya Vilekar
Posted October 5, 2015 from India

Can we all become civilized?

This question might trigger /instigate thoughts of every individual? Aren’t we, each one of us would think?

The answer is NO.

Belonging to a race called humans and coming from different cultural and social backgrounds, have we as humans tended to evolve ourselves more perfectly? Indeed not, the race has moved far away from the definition of being humane.

My statement is supported by the recent cases happening in my own country India and also in every corner of the world. Whether it is the communal riots, waged conflicts within countries and civil outrages or the rapes of innumerable women .Every action is a sign of barbaric instinct and trend.

What have we done to our society, world and universe? Forget animals, we cannot live in peace with each other.

Few years ago, a tragic and heinous incident came to light ,which happened in Delhi, India. A medical student was brutally raped and thrown out of a moving bus along with her friend, who were traveling back from a latenight movie. Her genitals damaged completely and she succumbed to the injuries after few days of treatment. Her last words though were “ do not leave the culprits”.They should be punished.

Question is , what has led the society to such an ugly act ? All different forms of outrages , whether violent or creating terror in the mind of humans have been result of weak conditions of women.

Had women of every society been powered and united to stand against any kind of injustice , this disease would have been far reduced in comparison to what it helds its head high like the serpent who has never been crushed.

To save our world, our people, mankind from falling into such an abyss ,we women should be empowered with confidence, belief on ourselves and lead our near and dear ones towards the right path.Every wrongdoing should be confronted and stopped , the moment it starts taking birth. Our every action shall begin from our own home. To teach and nurture children with values and vision for a brighter and peaceful world, and empower them with the torch of education and self independence alongwith compassion and respect towards one and all.

I share a poem which featured in one of the anthologies on women empowerment.


swipe away the negations

those which cloud the vision

blurring the image of clarity

which weakens the mind with fear.

Beneath the mulberry leaves

rests a tiny butterfly

needs it strength

in the wings to fly

in the buries of earth

lies a seed tiny in stature

on the verge of sprouting

to germinate in the air

all in the mind we have in store

the thoughts in form of hidden treasure

mightier than the visible actions

our powerful thoughts in quantum measures

like a womb carrying a life

our spirit has zest and enthusiasm

To be a woman of substance

we need determination and optimism."

We are the ones who can bring change and who have the power to do so.We, the women of this world are capable of bringing a revolution for the peace of the world.

Grassroots Mobilizing

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Tamara Kubacki
Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015

Dear Soumya,

Thank you for the poem, and for sharing your vision. I have the same questions about where our world society is going. How is it that so many heinous acts are happening? The only positive is that we are fighting back and bringing the problems into the open. You are right that we need to "teach and nurture children with values and vision for a brighter and peaceful world." Together, I think we can accomplish great change.  Again, thank you for being a part of the positive change happening around the world (even if it seems small right now, these seeds will germinate and grow).



Soumya Vilekar
Oct 28, 2015
Oct 28, 2015

Thanks a lot Tamara when you speak in resonance with my thoughts and words. The world is lying in a pool of hatred  where we do need to teach our young ones the importance of ethics and values , the meaning of humanity. Its an effort which has to be from every corner, every home .

Once again thanks for being here,