Soumya Vilekar
Posted November 4, 2015 from India

Beneath the vast azure, we the children of one Supreme live,constantly in conflict with one another, continously in an urge to pull down others and be hypocritic. Discrimination too is the biggest wall which separates people from each other,whether it is of gender,caste or skin.

When people who have minimal resources succumb to these pressures of discrimiation, violence and separatism, a small device or a powered gadget can change their life for ever. It might be just another gadget for us to surf the world through our fingers ,but for them it can be the most powerful weapon of protection ,an alarm in their palm which can raise an alarm ,whenevr they feel they are in danger.

BLUE speaks thus

numerous shades of blue I hath seen

the sumptuous ones that galore in sky

flowers of morning glory blossoming in blue

the blue I loved more of ocean deep,

ecstatic me and my being

Blue hath been the sapphire of a ring

in every attire I marked its splendor


that night I slipped

and saw her sitting on the pavement

I feared the blue every night since then,

the bruises on her skin and cuts on her cheeks

badly beaten blue yet silent

I witnessed the emptiness in her blue iris

on the same path we both were

I was dressed in blue

she decked with blows of blue

another instant I could feel her breath

she lend her hand to help me out

Her strength reassured

she wasn’t ready to bog down…

I left my mobile with her that night

she smiled as her palm touched the empowering device

Now we meet on crossroads

contended .

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Nov 04, 2015
Nov 04, 2015

Hi Soumya,

Your poem is very powerful, and conjures up a powerful image for me. Throughout the poem you can see the many shifts the narrator goes through, and the resilient spirit of the woman. 

It seems as though blue represents many things to the narrator, and to you as well, as the author of the poem. Thank you for shaing a piece of your spirit with us through your poetry.

Warm wishes,


Soumya Vilekar
Nov 05, 2015
Nov 05, 2015

Dear Kaitlin,

It is beautiful and touching to see you walk along the journey of teh protagonist and the moods of this poem which does try to speak of human emotions in different situation and condition. A woman feels powerful even with a small weapon,a pen, a paper, a mobile, a laptop,as she can voice her concerns through the same.

Thanks again for joining in here,

Best wishes,


Stephanie A
Nov 12, 2015
Nov 12, 2015


Your poem is beautiful and powerful, and I found the contrasting images of the color blue to be very meaningful, especially when framed by the image of the blue sky which connects us all across experience and location. 

Thank you for sharing this poem, and for your message of hope of the role that technology can have to help in even the toughest situations. 



Soumya Vilekar
Nov 25, 2015
Nov 25, 2015

Dear Stephanie,

It is touching to see the simple lines reaching out to people across the world under the same blue.. Indeed humanity and kindness has weared out and few such gestures can help a community,society and nations to join hands for an amicable atmosphere. Even though the poem speaks of domestic violence/ social intolerance, it connects women all over the world

Thanks for sharing  your views ,

Best wishes,