Leaders of future

Soumya Vilekar
Posted January 28, 2016 from India
A mother protects, secures and leads !

Leaders of today, leaders of tommorow!

Let us strive to build a beautiful future, a bright horizon with innumerable colours. For such a dream to be fulfilled , women need to lead the present generation onto path of peace with prompt decisions.

"A mother dreams for her child

a free street , as a toddler

breathes were he , the purest air

away from vices and crimes

a dwelling for night

safe to cuddle .

A life which will educate the li’l one

of ups and downs

a society of

humaneness and compassionate behavior

A shelter although made of wood

clean and secure

away from toxicity

thrown in the atmosphere…

Sky which appears blue forever

in the lap of mother nature


dances the fish

in chilled waters

and to zenith , reaches the eagle

in search of destination

fields emerald in colour

and the saffron fall beneath

the feet trodden."

When such a world will be created by future leaders of our generation and the young minds of next gen, the efforts of such an endeavour will bring fruitful results.

Lets make this effort of bringing like minds to join and walk together for the goal of a peaceful and properous world free from miseries of discrimination, poverty, violence , harrasment and barbarism.

Before it gets too late, lets act now and catch the last train....

The last train whistles for the last time,

Third siren of the halted engine

beckons Come hither!

Tis time to run fast

failed which

you may lose the game

the battle of life money and fixes...

Run run

catch hold of the train

Tis the last one

And none shall arrive hereafter

on the station deserted...

The last ray of sunset

too calls for you

Step forward, step again

There 's hardly a furlong left...

Catch catch the last train

Before it departs from

Life's platform forever

leaving you alone again.

Leading for the Future

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