Soumya Vilekar
Posted February 12, 2016 from India

World of powder metallurgy is an altogether different field of science and technology. Powdermetallurgy is defined as the art and science of producing metalpowders from ores through various processes as reduction, melting and atomization etc and forming sintered metal parts out of these metal powders.

A fine and intricate field with precise techniques makes it exceptional. My work and contribution to this field has been a joint patent in the process of production of partially alloyed bronze powders by reduction process. This powder falls in ready to use category, which simplies the latter stage of mixing, blending and premixing for a set of definite characteristics to be achieved.These powders are used to manufacture self lubricated bearings , bushes and other powder metallurgical parts.

All the industries in India manufacturing this kind of partially alloyed bronze powders or the copper powders for the same use have been set up by our firm ,in which invariably I have been an important part.

Although this science is somewhat lagging behind in India due to financial and other constraints, we need a mindset and exposure to different kinds of advanced technologies alongwith with initiatives taken by government and other sectors of business.

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