I am a Leader Campaign

Soumya Vilekar
Posted April 21, 2016 from India

World Pulse Leadership Group is excited to announce a Call to Action for the "I am a Leader" Campaign coming soon.

WHO IS A LEADER? A leader can be anyone who has the capacity, ability, confidence, conviction and enthusiasm to perform any given task in every proper way and one who achieves the goal with a zeal. A leader is one who encourages and motivates people around to bring a change.

“I am a Leader because I have a vision”.Vision of a world where every nation coexists in peace , where equality would reign irrespective of gender, race, nationality ,status or religion. A vision of a world where humanity will be the soul of life and living, where we would breathe freely without being victimized ,agonized or humiliated. I dare to dream and aspire of such ; society,which would bring a change in the world.

Be a part of this unified vocal leadership campaign and celebrate your successes and stimulate other potential leaders share/realize their leadership potential. Sharing your thoughts will bring forth millions of women across the world to believe more in themselves as leaders and be change agents.

Raise your digital voice with #Im_a_Leader_WP

Your Participation will give you an opportunity to get selected to attend a free online leadership mentoring session with James Wilson, a professional and seasoned leadership mentor at www.canavanreid.com.

Look out for more details coming soon.The Campaign starts on 1st May2016.

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