I am a Leader- Call for Action

Soumya Vilekar
Posted May 2, 2016 from India

This is a CALL FOR ACTION for all the women leaders around the globe.

Are you a woman whose presence inspires others, one who can motivate masses in dark hours, a woman of courage to speak about the shortcomings of gender based discrimination or a girl with a great vision?

Are you one of them , who kindles the flame of knowledge in others , or the one who leads the path by example , or a true survivor and warrior in adverse conditions?

Are you a lady who leads in fields, battlefronts, summits, peace talks and conventions. or a woman using her pastels and brush, or strings and keys or pen to invoke thoughts for actions?

Are you a mother who rears her children to be responsible citizens and humans or a teacher who guides youngsters during the important phase of growth and development?

If you are any of the above and you possess the power to enkindle.

You are a leader !

Come join the call for action and let the spark glow forever !

WORLDPULSE Leadership Group Community Champions invite you to join hands to be a part of a unified vocal campaign “ Iam a Leader” where you can share real life stories of success and leadership potentials that can bring about a change and create or identify more leaders of future.

1.Your participation is important as it might get you selected to attend a free online leadership mentoring session conducted by James Wilson, Managing Director , Canavan &Reid ,a post graduate from University of Pennsylvania and an established Leadership coach and mentor.

2.Selected participants will be featured on World Pulse Leadership Group or Facebook page along with their respective thoughts.

3.All participants to get featured on a special post in the World Pulse Leadership Group dedicated to the campaign at the end of every week.


1.Simply by completing the google form " I AM A LEADER"


2.Log onto www.worldpulse.com and include your thoughts in post titled " I am a Leader" in the Leadership Group.


3. As a comment on “IAM A LEADER- Call for action" post on WorldPulse.


Kindly use hashtags: #IAmALeaderWP , #WorldPulse while sharing the posts or updates regarding this campaign on Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus.

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