An Epitome of Sisterhood

Soumya Vilekar
Posted September 1, 2016 from India

This story is dedicated to sisterhood, mentorship and guidance, which all ensemble and merge in form of one generous soul, Shaheen Sultan Dhanji.

Shaheen - An artist whose paradigm can’t be set. A multilingual multifaceted personality, a painter, a musician, a poet, scriptwriter, an actor,a model, works in field of interior architecture, socio economic consultant, cultural and heritage conservationist, she crosses all the limits of being a human.

Whether she pens to express her views on humanity or conditions of humans in the third world countries or expresses her lament for distressed women around the world, her ink has been the most powerful voice that can pierce every heart. Yes her ink, in colour of blood , like her earlier blog "BLOOD INK DIARY" has the tremendous capacity and ability of churning out thoughts out of humans.

My co- author ,guide, mentor, supporter , philosopher ,a close confidante and a soul friend, Shaheen has been truly instrumental in etching the beauty of my writings through her constant belief and encouragement.

She has constantly pushed me to the various limits of every possible field of art in which I had an interest or passion, whether its photography, writing & poetry on social issues, stories, music or even being an entrepreneur in the field of entertainment, her words have made me stand where I am today.

The kind of her belief in my work motivated me on all platforms of life to persuade me to do the best.

Having met her on the blogging world of Wordpress , some three and half years ago, leading to the creation of “SUROOR OF THE SOUL”, through series of interactions. The journey thus which commenced with poetry has been through various alleys and turns of life. I truly thank god and am overwhelmed with gratitude for letting Shaheen be an instrument in mentoring my dreams and goals. We worked together in all pursuits of art and always look forward to do so.

She introduced me to the global community of WORLDPULSE. Since then the journey with WorldPulse has evolved me more as an independent, courageous and confident person. Every phase/campaign/activity in which I have been a part has provide me with a truly learning experience. While interacting with one and all, listening to their thoughts or sharing a same platform for raising a voice against any kind of cause, WorldPulse has made me discover my own voice and strength hidden until now. I started participating in global causes of Take back the Tech, in training programmes and webinars to attending leadership sessions,each step made me more empowered.

The role of Vocal contributor and then followed as the Community Champion in the Leadership group, every step connected me more with women across the globe, bonding with them and WorldPulse soon became a family.

I will be ever thankful to Shaheen for introducing me to this wonderful site which works constantly towards the betterment of women and empowers them with digital powers and more to improve their lives and also the conditions of society.

Following is one of the poems we penned as a duet on humanity.

When we speak together for the cause of humanity, we echo and resonate in a voice that reaches millions and questions them of their integrity and conscience.

"Slap of Shame"

Is there anyone listening?

Asks the last falling leaf :

O' human ! Shall I die now,

as befalls the clout of insanity

on the crux of humanity -

That which was once beheld

In the abode of civilisation, mighty.

Each dawn they cast their net,

beneath the din of explosions;

no voice can be heard -

the blood on the tongue has dried

from the beggars -

Begging for Life.

Between dreams and day

a colossal distance

fills their throat!

The infinite fragility of hunger,

how the bones knit and shut -

who could speak across such space?

Shall I drop now to the ground,

without season, without a fall ?

From the barren earth -

I cry and plea!

The eyes refuse to meet -

how in this blindness

the world

cracks open -

Its veins all dried up,

destruction devours the crevices -

disfiguring each human like a herd of blind Scheherazade's,

exceeding all bounds - lamenting -

I find my coffin in your conscious !

Beware !

Beware the unravelling of your face, for,

you shall see your terror...

on the summit

and in the pit

resurrecting the slap of shame,

O' Mortal !

By: Soumya & Shaheen

When I look back, I see a transformed me, a different personality who is ready to face the world and work for the progress of humanity ,who believes in voicing her opinion , even though in small measures, whose thoughts are being read by all and appreciated as noble efforts, who can fearlessly walk towards a goal in unifying the world into one single string of love and one who dreams of eradicating egos, hatred, discrimination of any kind to proclaim " The world is a better place to live in, let us create it thus".

This story was submitted in response to I Am Where I Am Because....

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Nidhi Pandey
Sep 02, 2016
Sep 02, 2016

Dear Ms Vilekar,

What a lovely piece on a subject that happens to be someone very close to you.

Anyone that inspires one to be selfless and use any tools available for the betterment of society must indeed be a highly respected individual. Whether that be pen, paper, music, a brush or pictures, it seems that Ms Dhanji has certainly been a great influence on yourself and most certainly others. I hope that this nurturing  respect continues and with it we see more women coming together in collaboration for the empowerment of all in society, regardless of sex, race, creed or colour.

Best of luck for the future.


Soumya Vilekar
Sep 03, 2016
Sep 03, 2016

Dear Nidhi,

Thank you for the kind thoughts. Yes, people who support, encourage and try to inspire others should come in collaboration such for the betterment and empowerment of women.

Shaheen has been a great inspiration not only for me but for many others. Her work and efforts to carry out duties selflessly and with a broader vision make people feel more motivated.

Together when women join hands, collaborate and support one another, the community tends to grow and become stronger.

Thanks again for your time,


Shaheen S Dhanji
Sep 03, 2016
Sep 03, 2016

Dearest Soumya, 

That you have written such a heartfelt tribute, I am deeply humbled at the generosity of your kindness, and utter belief in me. Nevertheless, wish I could wholly accept the all-encompassing accolade(s)  you have conferred upon me for your accomplishment in the numerous faculties as a professional - creative woman. I reckon to have played a role of a catalyst in facilitating the countless awakenings within your raw and ripe self. Am thoroughly delighted to witness the effulgent side(s) to you -- in which you continue your odyssey manifesting a woman's value with herself and the espial and rediscovery in the often difficult conciliation between (your) myriad roles as a human. Thus, continue to flap your wings, and conquer the 'continent' within you, and I shall always celebrate all your triumphs. 

Thank you for considering me worthy of inspiring you, dearest Soumya. 

Soumya Vilekar
Sep 03, 2016
Sep 03, 2016

Dear Shaheen, Great to have you here! What I mentioned are few of the many efforts of yours which have motivated and encouraged me . Yes, one has to strive with all sincerity and perseverance to achieve something, but the right kind of encouragement and belief is also needed for a person to move forward. Learning is a continuous process and so is the need of perfection, I am still a traveler on the same path, yet when WorldPulse asked to write about mentorship and motivation, I could think was of you.There is a sense of gratitude which makes us human and which allows us to grow and evolve more and more. Thanks for being an inspiration. Soumya

Anne Dupont
Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016

Dear Soumya,

How wonderful that you and Shaheen found each other!  This is a loving tribute to someone who has been more than important in your life.  Shaheen sounds like the a great mentor, leader and friend--asking questions, inspiring you toward your interests and listening to your heart.  I love how you have collaborated together on poetry--beautiful!  Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and reminding us how powerful an influence a great mentor and guide can be!

Warm regards,


Soumya Vilekar
Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016

Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for your response and kind words. Yes, Shaheen has been a very inspiring friend, instigating thoughts which would make one ponder and work on it. We all can collaborate with each other and in a way encourage other to achieve the dreams in life or to walk on a path which otherwise seems so hard. Collaboration of thoughts and working together with ideas makes it more simpler and interesting.

Thanks again for your lovely appreciation

Sep 27, 2016
Sep 27, 2016

oh this refreshing to see shaheen sultan dhanji.....yes yes her blood ink diary i recall well....actually she was my favorite blogger & rest is history....good to see her inspiring you, some women know how to make their mark in the world....good luck to both of you friend....