Soumya Vilekar
Posted September 3, 2016 from India

Is there something special in you which makes you stand apart from the crowd?

A talent, a skill, a knowledge, an endowment , be it of any kind which may seem simple to you , yet can help other women to change their lives?

Simple tasks such as using the Microsoft Office, creating Power Point Presentations, Making short videos, Photography, Editing, Speaking and conversation skills, Soft skills, Knowledge of different languages, utilizing social media for business, Story writing, Poetry skills/techniques, Motivational speaking, Music, Scientific logic , Engineering, Accounting , Artwork, Safety techniques, Digital skills, Digital Marketing, Social awareness, Entrepreneurial skills, Administration , any kind of skill and knowledge that you may have taken for granted could be incredibly valuable to someone else on WorldPulse to an extent of changing the course of their lives/or create an opportunity for them to learn new things.

"A small effort from your side can initiate a big change "

Let us know of your abilities and talents and we will provide you with an opportunity to display and utilize your skills on a global platform to benefit millions of women across the world, some of who can’t afford to learn these due to several restrictions and constrictions of resources, time, place and technology.

Remember every individual is unique and this uniqueness can bring a change in many lives . So join the chain of learning and be a resource to someone who needs you.

"A single lamp can enkindle hundred other lamps to spread the light of knowledge and learning through its flame of initiation."

If selected, you will be given an opportunity to hold a workshop or training for your applied skill on the global platform of WorldPulse.

You may alternatively post about training programs which are to be held at your end in future. The purpose is to empower women and make them aware of the various kinds of online learning resources available at their fingertips.

World Pulse is the largest online platform across 190 nations connecting 25,000 women and empowering almost 2.9 million women.

You are required to follow three simple steps in order to register for the above opportunity:

  1. Sign in to World Pulse as a member, if you are not.
  2. Post about the attribute /talent/ skill you possess,its specialities and the positive impact of the skill as New Library Resource on the Resources Page.

Please include the following points in your post:

  1. Country of residence( Required to know about the time zone and status of internet )
  2. Name of skill/skills
  3. How well do you know about the skill mentioned?
  4. Are you an expertise / trainee/ authority/certified person on the same? Or is it a self learned skill?
  5. Specify the method of conducting the workshop- Interactive/ mentoring/ training/
  6. Workshop to be held on your own web platform/ or web platform of WorldPulse.
  7. The maximum number of members that can enroll/register for a single session.
  8. Can simultaneous workshop/activity be done in near future as a second phase of the same?

You will be contacted soon for further details.

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