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Soumya Vilekar
Posted September 20, 2016 from India

Such a moment of pride when you and your healthy food represents your own nation on the global map of Launch Food. http://www.launch.org/about/news/picturing-global-health-with-launch-food

I had shared about an Indian sweet, Modak which is usually prepared during festivals and is healthy.

Whether it is malnutrition, consuming junk food or unhealthy food habits , the concern is always to have a balanced and nutritious diet which would ensure a healthy life.

There are places and people on earth in every corner of the world who are deprived of food and the necessary nutrition, specially kids who are the future generation alongwith people who have the resources of getting food , yet consume the most unhealthy diet . If such an initiative of compiling the healthiest of foods from various regions of the world is undertaken, it hopes to shed some light to bring everyone under one roof of healthy food.

This kind of efforts bring the change which we all desire of and with contributions from all it will be much easier.

If you haven't yet submitted your own healthy food recipe, do it now here : https://www.worldpulse.com/en/voices-rising/story-awards/69950

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