Change is inevitable

Soumya Vilekar
Posted November 25, 2016 from India

Life is impermanent and change is inevitable . Howsoever strongly we cling to things or ideas , there is a situation which makes us change ourselves accordingly . This adaptation is necessary for humans as we continously grow and evolve when we accept a change.

Every human being is comfortable inside the walls and limits of a particular comfortable zone and when he/she is compelled to move out of the same, there are lot of hindrances and limitations which withheld our progress and development.

But the fact is , such small changes in environment, system , working and living are needed to prevent us from being stagnated and from being into a state of monotony.

The more we are easy to adapt things around us, the faster we broaden our vision and accept. It helps us to understand perceptions and people and takes us out of the box.

These few lines are about the change that we all are noticing on the website of Worldpulse:

Come hither friend,the change is here,

with a new morning , new thoughts are here

Tis a place where we have been breathing

under the blueness freely and reverberating

come o friend! join in from every corner

lend your hand to someone and be together

colours of hope, colours of life

dab of enthusiasm and strength to handle strife

come o friend! you will love the change

inking new challenges, overcoming hurdles

worldpulse embraces your thoughts

come, be the change.

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Feb 08, 2017
Feb 08, 2017

This is a beautiful poem, Sumya!  Thank you for sharing it with us and highlighting the change happening here on Worldpulse.