My Journey

Soumya Vilekar
Posted December 19, 2016 from India

While the journey of every individual is unique , whether it is inward or outward. The outward journey leads us through the phases of life and time towards our goal and aspirations and the inward journey makes one delve and dive further into the depths of one's own understanding and introspection. I have been a continous thinker all throughout my life, yet expressed those innermost thoughts only when I got the power of my ink or rather realized the power of ink. To write and write continously has been a passion since then letting the known/unknown dreams, goals, thoughts/ philosophies getting a form with the help of few words.

Poetry ,as I mentioned in an earlier post somewhere is the music of the soul and so I connect very easily with lines of verse. It has not been easy to express the underlying ideas into a poem ,but the flow of emotions and the passion to do so allow me to express my whole gist in the fewest of words of poetry. Although hailing from a science background ,working in industries and loving the techniques of processes involved in that science, my love for art is also alive. Isnt it great art and science going hand in hand? There has been always a conflict between science and art/ science and religion/science and spiritualism. Well for me ! I love the science of everything but love the art of doing it as well. The combination of art,science and technology together makes me flow with more and more zest with an urge to learn more and know about newer things. This urge with a sense of humaneness and humanity allowed me to enter the world of women empowerment and WorldPulse. The journey thus so far has been enterprising and evolving . I wish this journey will continue... till the final sleep.

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