Soumya Vilekar
Posted December 28, 2016 from India

To empower women need not necessarily mean providing them with something unusual or extraordinary.

The freedom of choice is what empowers a woman.

The power of education, expression of thoughts, freedom of making decisions, becoming self dependent , living in self esteem and respecting her existence is empowerment!

If Humanity is the tree ,woman empowerment is one of its branches.

Women can be empowered when they have right to education and learning, they have the access to communication and technology ,when they have freedom of making choices of their life and career, when their dreams and aspirations are not curbed due to social limitations and they get support to get the goals achieved.

This coming February 2017 , an International Conclave on Women Empowerment is being held in India.

This two day event lends a platform for distinguished people from different sectors and fields along with various businesses, investors, consumers, entrepreneurs and innovators who would be amalgamating on various issues and topics to bring out desired solutions for the growth and solidarity of women empowerment through overall progress of the area/sector/people.

We hope this initiative should reach corners of our country and in other countries of the world and women from different fields, strata, status, should come ahead in sharing their perspectives to ultimately provide with a solution which can be implemented right at the the grassroots.

I desire to have support form you all in this effort of mine and want your co operation.

You can contribute an article for the souvenir being released on that occasion or be a part of the conclave personally.

This is an open invitation to all the WorldPulse sisters.


How to Get Involved

Drop a mail at


Brochure of IWEC PURNIA, 2017
Concept of CONCLAVE , IWEC 2017

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Jan 01, 2017
Jan 01, 2017

Dear Soumya, this sounds like a terrific conference! I'm sure you were instrumental in organizing it. You have good leadership skills! I hope that the event draws many women, especially those who also will be leaders, going back to their communities and gathering local women for discussions of these important matters. Possibly gathering men too, to share with them these concerns. Best of luck with this event!