Soumya Vilekar
Posted December 23, 2017 from India
School children from Vidya Mandir , Ratanpar posing for a selfie
The classrooms (1/3)

THE VILLAGE SCHOOL - It taught many things which we have missed and probably have forgotten in our fast paced life. Besides appreciation of everything that exists around us and embracing one and all with equality, the enthusiasm and excitement of life seems to fade away in our and the next generation.

On our way back from Dholavira,an archaeological sitebelonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. situated in Gujarat whose location is on the Tropic of Cancer and is one of the five largest Harappan sites , while the sun was about to set ,we opted to stay in the only place that we found suitable to reside named the flamingo resort, which is a resort for an educational cause.

While from outside it looked like a small quiet place ,but I found there was a school attached to that place. Out of inquisitiveness walked inside the bamboo criss cross gate and reached in the middle of a sandy playground. There were noises of children playing and talking from corners of the field. Few of them were playing cricket with their tiny bat and ball which they supposed to claim pride with.

It was their dinner time ,as they had early dinner .some of them,saw me and tried to smile and shy away. One or two were brave enough to come and ask where I was from? While I kept clicking on pics of the place, few boys asked to be clicked. Soon there were group of boys at the place ready to click for selfie.

The sight was beautiful. The golden sun setting in the lap of the adjacent arms of the parallel placed huts and the tinytots smiling and giggling after a whole day’s school . They laughed, smiled and talked continuously,with all excitement .

It was an overwhelming feeling to see the young ones enjoy life and moment ,while they were staying away fro their families and came from very poor background with nothing to rely on back at home. Their parents couldn’t afford higher education and there was nothing in the nearby area where they could pursue education. This school seemed like a blessing since its inception.

It has been twenty years and several trusts have handled the school efficiently although raising funds in such a remote village is a mammoth task. Also the credit to those teachers who live in these places to carve the future of our country by molding the young minds .

What matters and touches is the enduring quality of children and their enthusiasm. The village atmosphere was magical, the dust of the dusk when the cattle returned to their shed , while the night brought out canopy of stars to gaze on.

It was a beautiful moment.

Early morning too, the tweeting of tiny birds and children woke me up from my deep slumber.

Th experience was amazing and I felt I cherished the beautiful memories of those glimpse and moments that I spent with those young kids. Their eyes full of dreams and joy. They knew no fear and embraced everyone with smile. They teased me too with their accent and local language to which I smiled and said I can understand what they said.

The village Ratanpar although had minimum of amenities yet life looked fulfilling and complete in that quietness and tranquility .

Away from the chaotic surroundings and the hindrances of network and calls, away from the world of web and fast pace of internet, when I sat under that neem tree I absorbed each and every minute whole heartedly.

To hear and know the inner voice, to admire the eternal beauty of nothingness and to relish the true sleep ,I found this place to be perfect.

There must be thousands of such villages in India in every state,where thousands of such children live , away from the hotch potch of cities and technology ,what I discovered is that they need resources and amenities in village ,then people will instead go to live in villages rather than migrating to cities from there.

If time and destiny permits, I would surely love to start such schools which would be based in lap of nature for these children who in all adversities haven't forgotten to smile and value the worth of life.

PS: From whatever information I got,it is run by a kutch based NGO and many NGO's in past have intermittently sponsored it.

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Dec 23, 2017
Dec 23, 2017

Beautiful written. I will love to build a school too. Free school for underprivileged children.

Soumya Vilekar
Jan 01, 2018
Jan 01, 2018

Thank you Olutosin for your support and encouraging words. Every child has the right to learn and be educated. Imagine how the world would be ,if each one on this earth would be able to read & write.

Nusrat Ara
Dec 31, 2017
Dec 31, 2017

Dear Soumya, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. Education definitely is a path finder and accessible education for all is a basic human right. 

Soumya Vilekar
Jan 01, 2018
Jan 01, 2018

Thank you dear Nusrat . Yes education is a right and many of the children are still deprived of it.