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Posted March 7, 2019 from Zimbabwe
Mum's Pride

Single motherhood or being born of a single mother is not a curse. i believe it gives you a greater affinity to work with God and consult him more in your everyday decisions and through that you gain more confidence to follow your decisions and dreams. The pride and humility that comes with a hardworking single mom is infinity. The sky is always the limit in this situation.

hats off to all single moms and single parent offspring's on this day. Be Blessed and keep your family and your country flags - thus the globe - high!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings from Zimbabwe

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Jill Langhus
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hi Spatialist,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your lovely photo and post! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

Hope you're having a good day, dear:-)

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 07
Mar 07

Dear Spatialist,
What a beautiful photo, it beams love and happiness of a strong mother and daughter. In my country years ago, statistics were publicized that one in four families were single mother families. Speaking out about this reality helped women leave violent husbands. I am sure that your strength and beauty lay flat the myth that being a single parent is in any way wrong or rare. Your speaking out opens a path to others who by circumstance or need to escape find themselves single mothers, and so too for the children unfairly treated. Bravo for sending out this important message.
In sisterhood,

Marie Abanga
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hey hey hey sis,
Here is to us then Amen

Mar 07
Mar 07

Yes. Hats off to all of us single mothers. Being a single mom is truly a gift. I agree with everything you have written, but why limit ourselves to the sky when there are footsteps on the moon. <3

Mar 07
Mar 07

I can absolutely relate to how you describe single motherhood as I myself am a single mother to two amazing children. As I sat here I prayed and asked God to provide me something to say to you and I can clearly hear him saying "keep going!" I consult with him everyday even multiple times a day on every decision and every interaction especially with my children so I absolutely relate to your post. The sky is the limit SPATIALIST and with God ALL things are possible!

Hats off to you and many blessings sent your way from my family to yours.

God Bless.

Love a fellow single mother.
Natalia C.

Mar 07
Mar 07

I am beyond amazed at the power single moms and parents have. Hats off to the endless love, support and strength they share with their children.

Obisakin Busayo
Mar 07
Mar 07

Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you sharing your story and your lovely picture with us

Dawn Arteaga
Apr 02
Apr 02

Yes!! I so admire single moms. A close friend of mine is a single mom and I admire so much how she brings her community along for the journey with her. I am honored to learn from her and watch her child thrive with such a powerful mom as an example. In sisterhood, Dawn

May 12
May 12

Hello Spatialist, welcome to the safest space for women in the world. Being a single mom is not easy but it can also be fulfilling if you know what you want and be determined to achieve it. Do not loose focus remain on the right path and surely God will guide and aid you.

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