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About Me

I'm a 41year-old mother of seven, three boys, four girls. A journalist, a former reporter. Divorce pending due to abuse after 22 years married. FEAR made me stay, more than love. Faith empowered me slowly. God did the rest. I have a burning desire to see better protection methods for the abused in my country. The All 4 Bracelet Alerts (ABA) Movement was born, to restart the NEED for legislation change mandating GPS tracking bracelet alerts for abusers, repeat offenders. As a deterrent for abusers. ABA is registering as an NGO in Trinidad. Will be on Eye on Dependency, TV 6, Sunday, December 10, 2017, at 6:15-8 pm, with other NGOs, individuals, survivors. The ultimate goal is to see reformation through curriculum-based re-education on abuse. Bracelet alerts in any country needed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner with you in the fight against Domestic Violence, Valdeen Shears..spiritual survivor.

My Vision

The end of violence in all its form and fashion. A revitalization of being each other's brother's and sister's keeper.


A supplier of the GPS tracking bracelet alerts, willing to help.send a quotation.ASAP. Spreading the word about The aim of The ABA Movement.


I am a critical am willing to offer guidance, help wherever I possibly can


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