Introducing myself and my journal: Not a victim, a survivor

valdeen shears
Posted August 27, 2012 from Trinidad and Tobago

About Me:I am a 36-year-old mother of six, three boys, three girls. I am a journalist, former mainstream media reporter with two of the country's foremost publications--Trinidad Express and Trinidad Guardian. I have also written for several other publications, both locally and regionally. I am married for the past eight years, but in a relationship with my husband for the last 17 years. The man I once saw as a monster and whom I had grown to hate, I now see needs more help than I could ever want. I have been able to empower myself through my faith and the Holy Spirit. I need to tell other women how to do the same. I once wrote for a Christian magazine and felt the most fulfilled then about my writing, now I know that this is my calling. To publish my book and let others know that my source of strength, wisdom and empowerment can be the same for others. This book is in fact my second written, but I was not ready to publish and then God gave to me the second book. If there is anyway you can assist in the publication of the book, it would be appreciated. I can forward you the info for the publishing company and have them provide the invoice. This is not about me asking for money, it is about asking for help to do what I know in my heart I was placed here to do. I did not go through all I did for me alone, just to suffer, lose my identity and feel less than others. I believe I was made to go through all I did so that I could shine a light in the lives of others, who are out there feeling lost, suicidal, homicidal and hopeless. In fact, just to prove this, if you do decide your organisation can help, then I would prefer you get in contact with the publishing company and speak directly to them. I just want this book to get to readers so badly it hurts. I was aiming at publishing and launching in time for our Rally, however, as October is the Month for Awareness of Domestic Violence and November 25---International Day Against Violence Against Women follows, I would really like to launch by then. Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner with you in the fight against Domestic Violence, Valdeen Shears-Neptune

My Passions:Writing, and publishing my first book

My Challenges:Impatience, not enough of a relationship with God and finances

My Vision for the Future:A world where people begin to fully realise and acknowledge the awesomeness of God and rely on Him and not on mankind. The end of violence in all its form and fashion and a revitalisation of being each other's brother's and sister's keeper.

My Areas of Expertise:Journalism, parenting (sometimes), testifying

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Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012

Hello and welcome to our online community! I'm sure you'll enjoy being a part of this vibrant networking space with women from over 190 countries.

It sounds like you're eager to find a publisher for your book. Congratulations on completing the big project of finishing writing! I would encourage you to post a Need in our Resource Exchange, with some description of the book and a clear statement of what you need help with (financial support, connections to publishers, etc.). I'm sure there are people in our community that would be interested and able to help!

I look forward to reading some of your writings soon. Please take some time to explore the community, and let me know if you have any questions!

Again, a warm welcome to you... In partnership,

Cali gal Michelle
Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012


Thank you for your courage and for sharing your challenges and victory with others. It is my hope that you will be encouraged and uplifted by the WP community, and continue to be given the grace to continue on your path.

Your strength and endurance is evident, and no doubt will in turn provide strength to others.

Nusrat Ara
Aug 28, 2012
Aug 28, 2012

Dear friend,

Welcome to PulseWire! You are now part of a thriving community of women from all parts of the world. See the PulseWire Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

Please explore the site to meet the women and also find the groups of your interest.

I look forward to hearing your voice in the community!

In friendship,

valdeen shears
Sep 02, 2012
Sep 02, 2012

Too many times we hear, but we don't listen. People often walk around in a bubble, oblivious or just not caring about how they treat each other, but mindful of how they want to be treated. If you are fed up of this, then say this with me. "I can do (handle), (cope with) all things through Christ who strengthens me". You do not need validation from another human, who bleeds like you, perspires like you and goes to the bathroom like you. In fact when you think about it, who is mankind to feel that they are any better than each other. People, there would be so much less strive and conflict if we would stop for a minute and feel the pinch of the other persons shoes, walk a mile in it and do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. I sometimes forget I am Christian, just momentarily and get stinking mad, when I think of the many double standards people try to shove down each other's throat. I wish people would get real and tell it like it is, if it quacks like a duck then it is a duck. Stop trying to justify bs when it is just Life would be so much easier. Now that I have vented, I will say an extra prayer tonight for God to change me and save others. I need to hold unto Him, so I can let go of those who hurt me the most and then life really will be a lot easier. bye global sisters, until next time. PS starting my BA in Journalism on Tuesday, so wish me blessings, not luck.