Corona is Here: Now we wait

valdeen shears
Posted March 15, 2020 from Trinidad and Tobago

As I write this, I am uncertain of what tomorrow will bring for my country, Trinidad and Tobago.

The novel COVID 19, Coronavirus has hit our shores and all we can do is pray and do our best to follow healthcare guidelines to keep ourselves and our families safe.

This thing, though, is scary.

It's a lot easier fighting an element one can see, face off with or retaliate on.

I don't drink alcohol, but have experimented in my youth.

 I imagine this virus as a slow-creeping potent drink that one can only see and feel when it is right up on you, in your face, hugging, squeezing the life out your lungs.

Now recently I begun to experience that feeling, as I was diagnosed with asthma, after years of exposure to second hand smoke. I cannot begin to imagine having my breathing even more compromised than it already is.

From all accounts this virus attacks the lungs first then one's immune system and is especially dangerous to the elderly and those with already existing health conditions.

Globally we are hearing of thousands of confirmed infections and deaths. It is now a pandemic and has rendered vigorous countries to practical ghost towns.

In the meantime, we in Trinidad and Tobago, we wait, sending messages to all and sundry, advising , offering safety tips on hygiene and on boosting one's immune system. Some took to panic buying, events have been cancelled, both big and small and persons who probably didn't look at newscasts before, now sit with bated breathes by their televisions, radios and computers.

School is out for one week and some good Samaritans have even come forward on social media and offered food items and meals for persons, children and families in need. I pray that this government, that our citizens are ready to truly be each other's keeper and look out for each other and not self alone.

I hope that we can all hold unto hope.

I think, though, for all  its bad intent, what this dreaded virus will do is unite our country, because we fight one common enemy.

This ought to be an election year and for once all eyes and comments may steer away from politics, unless its the random naysayers which will seek to lay blame, and focus on our survival as a country.

All things work for good, for those who love the Lord..i don't think I quoted that scripture word for word, but that's what I think and hold unto for hope through this. 

Please pray for our country.

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Mar 15
Mar 15

Dear Valdeen,

We are very sorry for the Corona outbreak all over the world. We do trust in the mercy of the Almighty God, The only who may protect and help his children to recover their help.
Be strong my dear and keep praying for each other.

Fabienne Muvunyi from DRC

Mercy Vernyuy Munyuy

Hi Valdeen.
It's sad how the word has been affected by this pandemic.thank you for sharing your plight .it's important we mentain the hygiene rules and stay safe.courage.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 16
Mar 16

Thank you for sharing

Hello, sister Valdeen,

Your fear is valid. Our country now has 187 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and almost a thousand are under monitoring while waiting for their test results. Our cities are now in community lockdowns, a lot of people lost their sources of income in the process. Yes, all we can do now is pray, aside from keeping ourselves clean and maintaining proper hygiene.

Let us pray together for all countries to be safe.

Rahmana Karuna
Mar 23
Mar 23

Dearest Valdine,
So glad you posted. do keep us posted. and please, Do join us on our zoom meetings. sharing with each other how we are keeping sane and healthy.
i just posted on my page the latest research and advise and how to keep our serenity if you want to go read it.