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About Me

Shaheen S. Dhanji was borne in Africa and currently residing at Toronto, Canada. She is an International & Sustainable Development Consultant and interior architectural designer by profession. A free-lance writer, theatre actor, musician and a social-political activist by innate attributes. Her creative platform focuses on vital themes of war and civil society, political economy, foreign policy, genocide, women's / human rights issues, sustainable economics, social and civic development, cultural and heritage conservation.

Art, Photography, Books, Theatre, World Cinema / Music, History, Politics, Architecture,Cultural Heritage Conservation, Film.

Aspiration: The aim to bridge the cultural, religious, linguistic, social-political and gender spaces existing in humanity.

Speciality: International Relations, Political Economy, Social & Civil Society, Arts, Public Relations

My Vision

To ignite creative & intelligent dialogue to address social-cultural-political issues through various genres.


International & sustainable development, cultural heritage conservation, political economy, journalism, music, film, interior architecture.


Economic PowerEducation EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceWomen's HealthHuman Rights for WomenWomen in LeadershipWomen in Technology


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