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Ssister Keeper
Posted December 3, 2016

Yes #16 Days # No to violence against women.I cannot forget this important group-every woman who got up on that fateful day,walked,drive,flew or whatever to the polling station and used her hands to nail a fellow woman.Women who are women haters.I will not pretend you don`t exist.Because you are right here reading this post.You will ignore it or share it with your fellow destroyers and make some good gossip juice out of it.Cheers as you drink to your destruction because it is at the threshold if you do not change your ways.I am talking to you who sits down with other women to gossip and make plans to destroy another woman just because she dared to make a difference.You are the reason for which we are struggling to win the fight for gender equality.Yet you claim to be part of the fight.We have no time,no resources and no energy to be fighting ourselves instead of the target.When next you say one derogatory word against a woman to me,I will publish your words and credit the source.STOP!.An army divided against itself cannot win a war,let`s stop deceiving ourselves.We shall either get there as a united force or not get there at all.

I am talking to you who hates to see another woman own what you don`t. have.While others spend sleepless nights crafting ideas on how to bring love and harmony to communities, you spend time nursing jealousy and doing all in your power including going fetish to rubbish their efforts.It is you I am talking to.Where the cap fits,let`em wear it.Yes you who enjoys no conversation unless it has to do with staining a fellow sister.Don`t you get tired?If she is doing it wrong have you ever walked up to her for a sister-sister talk?If the answer is no, you are the devil`s cousin and your destruction is at hand.Repent.Hey... don`t give me that look,if you are so saintly and don`t belong to this category and have never been affected by this, good for you.Moma is angry this morning, let her talk!I will wear my courtesy coat right after this because I am not sparing any one today,not even myself.

You wink and grind your teeth at fellow schemers when a sister tries to do better and fails.You were there when she was rolled into the ER after being beaten by her boyfriend,yes, you,you,you were the first to go to your gossip coven on Facebook whatsapp,Vibre to tell your cohort that she has been beaten again,just to enjoy a good laughter and one of your agents forwarded the text to her immediately just to add salt to her wounded heart and body.The same night you made a post on Facebook shaming women who stick to abusive partners because you knew she will see it and feel terrible.The thought of her sorrow gave you inner joy.You keep asking yourself why you have no settled life?Have you forgotten Karma?.Every time you raise your tongue to shake another woman to tears ,you are filling your own tear bank.You might pretend to stand tall during the day and pretend you don`t care but you,your pillow and I know how many nights you stay awake to squeeze out some deposits from your bank of tears.Of course like we are witnessing these days in our country there is always a crowd to cheer even for the insane,no matter what you do in this world there will always be crowd to cheer you up.Every time a mosquito flies around people clap,but the clap is meant to kill and not hail the mosquito,stop deceiving yourself.Seek humility,empathy and love and befriend them.Many have written and spoken about this women against women thing in very nice ways and there has been no change,do you think you are harming anyone?The more you plot evil the more you go down.You might not notice your fall at moment but trust me it is eminent.The day I fell from a very high cliff while I was sleeping,I actually thought I was flying while in the air,until my butt hit the ground.I have not always thought the way I do now.I have been like you but I learned the hard way.Stop that evil now.

.Change your ways,go dig out empathy from wherever you buried it and wear it like a breast plate for that`s your only savior from the mess you and I know you are in.No amount of bullying and pretense will make this right.Don`t ask me why I am rude.Sometimes we have to swallow the bitter bill to get rid of sickness.Do you know how many hurting and broken women you have pushed to suicidal thoughts by your nasty posts on facebook and instagram?Do you really care about making life better for people?I don`t believe you.You can`t destroy some and claim to save some.How far will you let your insecurities push you?.You openly mocked at a sister `s body at the sub-way on Thanksgiving Day,yes you did!You and your agentsYou never go alone you are always with a group who hold you to high esteem because you offer ready help when they seek vengeance against which ever woman is on the radar of their boyfriends,or who nails it better than them at their job,school,neighborhood, we all know those sisters who are hated just because they are too impeccable to be matched.STOP this war because all you cause your victims is a night or two of tears but you qualify yourself for a life time of penury and pain.If you want those secret tears to stop and that shameful problem to go,stop scheming against innocent sisters.Stop feeding that demon of jealousy and insecurity,it never gets satisfied.It will only grow so big and demand for more blood and tears from the innocent.One day it will devour you.Do you know the story of Haman?Google that name.He is your spiritual father.Hate me,love me, ignore me,stalk my page, include me on your gossip throng,unlike your victims,I don`t care,I have contributed my own quota to # 16 days # No to violence against women.BYE

Sorry about my tone.I will change!

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