I Am Not...

Stacie Dickson
Posted October 7, 2020 from United States
You Are a Special

In honor of International Girl’s Day coming up, I wanted to make this poem/song to encourage girls everywhere to be true to themselves and not try to conform to what society tells them to be. I hope you enjoy !


I am not your fears

I am not your hate

You think you can break me

What a big mistake

I stand tall like a mountain 

I been through rough seas 

So know,

I won’t be formed by your insecurities 

You say I’m fake 

Not good enough

Not strong enough 

But when will I ever be enough 

If I listened to you, I’d be an empty soul 

So what ima do, is get my confidence on my own 

Riding the waves of peoples insecurities 

Riding the waves of your lies

I’ll never be good enough for you 

So I’m going to quit trying

To fit into your narrow mind 

I’m happy with being me

Cuz I’m so done with your insecurities

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Nini Mappo
Oct 09
Oct 09

Powerful song, dear Stacie.
"Shake dem insecurities of!!' I like :)

Stacie Dickson
Oct 13
Oct 13

Thank you so much Nini

Adriana Greenblatt
Oct 11
Oct 11

Woo hoo, you sing it Stacey! I Love the awesome smile when you say "what you gonna do" followed by I'm gonna get my own confidence, dancing with you right now!

Hugs from Montreal Canada, keep singing and beaming,

Stacie Dickson
Oct 13
Oct 13

Thank you so much for your kind words ! It’s a dream to visit Canada one day !!