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About Me

I am Phyllis Bala a mother of 3 beautiful, strong young women ages 30, 35, & 37. My granddaughter recently turned 18 & all live around the Bay Area of Northern California, close to where I currently live. In 1987 I experienced a Kundalini crisis while in a dream state. That was the end of my life as I had known it, and many spiritual worlds opened up suddenly that day, catapulting me back into the presence of Ancestors who took charge of teaching me how to live from my indigenous roots. I had no idea if I would live or die. After 3 years of initiation by fire & water, learning directly from my own ancestors, plant, animal, elemental & collective ancestors, i was shown I would live. I had experienced a "spiritual lightening strike" that destroyed any barriers to living out my soul purpose.

Having been raised a strict Catholic, with the hopes of becoming a Maryknoll Missionary nun, I found it almost absurd that of all the previously unknown (to me) Gods & Goddesses who began visiting, there was no Jesus figure. It was a terrifying experience that has brought into my life an openness to nature spirits and ancestors and a life way that is inclusive of all major spiritual figures (including those of Christianity), but most notably, those of cultures from which I descend.

I am a doctor of indigenous medicine, seer (medical intuitive), transcultural health consultant, medical advocate, herbalist, herbal medicine maker, gardener, and educator. I love working with people of all ages, helping them to understand the mysteries which reside at the roots of their illnesses.

After my Kundalini initiation, I lost my ability to read, write, walk & talk. I was living in worlds that quantum physicists write about. I found ways to rehabilitate myself & reading was the last and most difficult task to reclaim. I accomplished reclaiming my reading skills last November in 2011. The first book I was guided to read from cover to cover was written by Gopi Krishna, "Kundalini: The Spiritual Evolution of Man." I discovered he had also lost his ability to read & for the first time I felt such relief about ever having to make that part of my journey public, & found myself crying tears of empathy and joy for his courage to write about his experience.

I often work in hospitals with clients, mostly indigenous elders & children with special needs. My specialties include helping doctors to understand mystery conditions, helping people to relax into a more playful & creative way of being with their "diagnosis", and facilitating the healing process for people, animals, plants, earth & ancestors. Some of my work is medically documented, and I am now teaching principles of healing within the context of the medicine wheel to those who may be interested in learning how our minds, spirits, 20 thousand generations of ancestors and the Heart of Creation works together with nature to bring about healing for our precious Earth & ourselves.

I look forward to meeting many others here, learning about you & your lives, your communities & how you are helping to re-establish balance in your lives and in the Earth we share as family.

In peace & good health,
Phyllis Bala open water swimming & fire walking. children, animals, plants, ancestors, nature. public speaking, writing about the medicine wheel; writing my book Medicine Wheel journeys & doctoring; bringing peace to communities in chaos

My Vision

people speaking to nature forces and their ancestors to rebalance nature & climate & oursellvels