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About Me

Stefan Pasti is the founder and resource coordinator for The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative (at ).

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative provides research and analysis for critical challenge alerts, and research and support for collaborative problem solving, community education, and citizen peacebuilding initiatives which seek to maximize citizen participation, and accelerate solution-oriented activity.

The "Unprecedented Challenges Ahead--July 2020" (2 pages) document ( demonstrates why we need problem solving on a scale most of us have never known--see "constellation of initiatives" approach in "17 Tweet Series...." (as pdf file

See also "Key Documents and Resources" webpage at the CPCS Initiative website
and @StefanPasti at Twitter

Best Wishes to All here at World Pulse

My Vision

"17 Tweet Series" ("... and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges") as a pdf


“Growing Wisdom, Compassion in Small Communities (13 Steps)” (78p; May, 2017)
These 13 Steps will support my work.


The most constructive work of others would be supported by very nature of "17 Tweet Series", Community Visioning, and Growing Wisdom.


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