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About Me

I am the daughter of seven differnt parents as a result of birth, step parents, foster parents and adoption by the age of eight. After thirty some years of repressed memories I am now reunited with serveral of my families. My childhood is an amazing story of a world of perversion and violence to a life of reslience and restoration. I was born in the late 50's in the south states of the United States. During the early 60's my childhood was spent exposed to the Ku Klux Klan and their activities. Today I have come to terms and an understanding of these events in history. I am stronger as a result of these experiences and for the first time after over 30 years of silence I have found my own voice.

What I like most about my life is the years spent being present in the lives of those youth who are homeless and incarcerated. I value being allowed to witness their life journey of success. Soroptimist International has provided me opportunities to see the world and to speak on domestic violence at world conferences. I have invested time and financially into the lives of others in providing direct services and events. I have enjoyed manual labor in building structures that still stand today in several other countries through out. I am not ready to stop investing locally and globally. I want to do more where ever the doors open to me I am ready to serve. I love to travel, to meet and connect with others, to speak to groups to educate them on issuses of human right violations, environmental that impact our world and solutions. I would like financial and resource freedom to travel, speak and to be involved with others locally and globally to help make changes. Developing Programs, Event Planning and Coordination, and networking.

My Vision

An ambassador in the world for the good of Peace and Unity