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Consequences of covid19 in my room.

Stella katushabe
Posted July 29, 2020 from Uganda
Expired on November 30, 2020
Hawking clothes and juice.
After loosing my job, I hustled until i got small capital and started the business of hawking clothes and juice on different days in our town. The capital is too small to sustain the business and develop it. I want to rent a room to work from inside and buy more clothes in bulk which costs cheaper than one purchasing one by one item then i need flasks ,blender and fridge to make juice to sell after during lunch time or dry seasons. Thanks

Consequences of covid in my room.
I remember that morning i was dressed smartly to office as usual. That's when my boss told me that no more working due covid19.

I thought it will be for sometime and I thought we shall be paid either half salary or like two months in front.

We were later informed that no payments since the office is closed. I had my parents ,siblings and rent plus other bills which depend and paid by me. I got stress ,depression,confusion and disorganization. I went to church where I thought I can cry to relieve my pain but even churches were closed.

In life I didn't know that when u get miserable life,everyone chucks you, so even my family members started seeing me as useless person now in the house because I was poor.

I could wake up and go out of home like in mountain or forest for the whole day ,I cry loud but all were nothing.

I started joining Facebook groups which give help after begging for food. But I didn't get until one day ,there's a lady who set me $50 which was insufficient to cover up the previous small debts in shops where I could get necessities on debt.

The time came when rent was due ,the landlord withheld all my house furniture to cover up his rent in arrearrs but I didn't blame him. I went to village where my parents were more rude ,rough and all helpless due to my jobless life. Life was hell in that house. My dad could drink and come chasing us. I hated everything but I told myself to remain on my knees.

One morning I went to nearby priest ,I requested him $30. I started with it to hawk clothes and sometimes fruits juice in our near town. Am now a hawker but my capital isnt enough.
Am looking for more capital to to develop and expand my business.

I learnt a lot and am now hustling to be a better woman. I will hustle and hustle. I don't want to be down or suffer. Still I want to see my parents and my simblings happy like before.

Life can torture,squeeze,depress and smash. I can't forget this life and I want o forgets it.

I learnt to be strong,patient,hustler,focused ,self motivated and determined. When things go worse or in opposite direction ,when trial flow like floods. Just kneel and pray to almighty. He may take long to answer but he answers

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Jill Langhus
Jul 29, 2020
Jul 29, 2020

Hi Stella,

I'm sorry to hear about your trials. I hope you get the loan that you need. Stay strong, dear. XX

Stella katushabe
Jul 30, 2020
Jul 30, 2020

Thanks dear.

Jill Langhus
Jul 31, 2020
Jul 31, 2020

You're welcome!