Stella Ugochukwu
Posted October 5, 2016 from Nigeria

I live in a village of Mararaba, Nasarawa State 3 kilometres from Abuja Capital of Nigeria. this is a very big village with population of around five million there are many people who are educated, but this education did needed to make a big difference, many people are still roaming about without being computer literate. I started a computer school in the near near capital city, Abuja and during last sixteen years, I did not only work but also teach anybody that come across me. I started my degree at University of Abuja, capital of Nigeria. I read Economics (B.Sc. Hons). I graduated in the year 2015. I came in contact with free training programme, intel training programme that put me through in internet package.

I am happy to be online on a great platform like Worldpulse. it makes happy when am talking to people with great vision.

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Oct 05, 2016
Oct 05, 2016

Dear Stella,

It's good to have you here. You are doing a commendable job by imparting knowledge to people around you. Keep it up.

And keep sharing your stories with us. Good luck

Nov 23, 2016
Nov 23, 2016

Hi Stella, I am happy you have joined World Pulse and are sharing your story.  I hope you continue to share your knowledge with others and continue on a life long learning path as well.  Have you heard of Free Basics?  It is a platform developed by Facebook to allow content providers like Intel and many other organizations to provide content for free without data charges.  In Nigeria the mobile operator providing Free Basics is Airtel. If you are an Airtel subscriber you can access content like the news, weather, wikipedia, babycenter, health care information, learning sites, and many more. I hope you will take a look.  


Marne, Vocal Contributor