The Shadow Matriarch

Stephanie EPHRAIM
Posted August 17, 2020 from Vanuatu

I am a woman with no age

A colour with no race

I can turn dark

I can turn light

But the darkness in me is pretty dark

The daylight in me is a small light

When the light shines bright, it burns me

I yell harder and louder in a rage of hope

Until the hope hurts

My head held high

Behind is the fire

The heat is burning me

To run is weakness, to stay is courage 

If I run, death will follow me

 Scars will be my forever 

 Scars will be my tattoos

Fancy on the skin but ugly inside

 Locked myself inside for an age

and no one knew I was there

When I finally opened the door

It smelt like hell inside

But hell could become a palace,

Cleaning, repainting

I took care of it, respected and loved it,

worked at it

Now I call it

My kingdom

I am a queen, my blood runs through you

The drop of my blood gives you life

Your brain formed in my womb  

And you are fed of my milk

 We carry the weight of new life

It lives out of us

and we live out of it

the future of the nation

You're the blood of my vein

Emerged from my darkness

Once a cave

Now a palace

Once a scar

Now my tattoo of glory

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Aug 17
Aug 17

Wow! This is deep, Stephanie.

Thank you for sharing this liberating piece. I am a queen, with the scars I wear as "my tattoo of glory". :)

Big hugs, Sis.

Stephanie EPHRAIM
Aug 17
Aug 17

Thank you sister!!!

Nini Mappo
Aug 17
Aug 17

Cryptic, truthful, vulnerably beautiful and wholesomely captures the painful but liberating journey of self discovery and self reclamation!
You are very gifted Stephanie. Welcome to World Pulse.
Thank you for sharing and keep on writing.

Beth Lacey
Aug 18
Aug 18

Makes you think a lot about what is going on inside you

Hello, Stephanie,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm happy that a new voice from Vanuatu is rising up!

You must have gone through a lot painful experiences to write about darkness and hell, and how you learn to live amidst the cruelties in life. But this is also what women experience in general. What a powerful piece!

This resonates with me, "The daylight in me is a small light

When the light shines bright, it burns me".

It reminds me of fireflies. Even the smallest light shines in darkness.

Keep that light shining! Please continue writing. We love to know more about you.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Welcome to World Pulse my Amazon Sister,
Your words in this poem are deep. So many aspects and thoughts while reading. I read the pain, joy of life, appreciation for skin color, and beauty inside and out. But also the scars unknown and the scars that you have revealed. And finding purpose in the pain through art and artistic glory. Keep writing, keep speaking, keep sharing. And once again welcome.


Aug 21
Aug 21

Wow, Stephenie,
This is powerful.
So powerful.
Thank you for sharing.

Aug 28
Aug 28

Thank you for sharing.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

Wonderful to see (and hear) a powerful Pacific woman's voice here !

Julie Desai
Sep 01
Sep 01

Thank you for sharing