Zero Panic

Posted March 19, 2020 from Cameroon

Pas De Panicque!

All of a sudden, people are wearing masks, buying hand sanitizers, greeting with their heels instead of hands, no schools and bars shot after 6pm in Cameroon to stay safe from the corona virus threat. 

Such changes can really unsettle the mind and put individuals, families and communities on panic mode. But the thing to avoid most is panic!

Follow the measures, stay safe....but ....MIND YOUR MIND. 

Pas de panicque


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Anita Shrestha
Mar 19
Mar 19

dear sis
Thank u for sharing

Jill Langhus
Mar 20
Mar 20

Hi Steph,

How are you? I agree with you. Thanks for sharing your wise words and advice.

I hope you and your family stay safe and well.


Hello, Steph,

I love the "Limit Your Time On News"! It really can get stressful when we absorb all the negativity (death rates, increasing number of confirmed cases, panic-buying, and more).

Thank you for this reminder. Please stay safe!

Mar 21
Mar 21

Hi thank you for sharing.

Mar 22
Mar 22

I could not agree with you more Seph!

Alas, many countries are experiencing this panic because we do not know where the CODI-19 situation is going.

But your reminder is extremely important. Thank you for sharing.

Stay safe.

Mar 23
Mar 23

Thanks for sharing.