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Posted March 31, 2016 from South Africa
Expired on April 11, 2016

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a wonderful week and feel as inspired as I do, celebrating International Women's Day!

On that note, as many of you probably know by now, I've started an online webinar series for global entrepreneurs and it's going absolutely brilliantly!! You can hear an example here:

I'm hosting an upcoming oneon April 11thwith one of South Africa's most loved entrepreneurs and insurance industry maverick, Miles Japhet on 'Building a corporate culture for a sustainable competitive advantage' .

Given how exceptional many of you are and how you inspire me to excel, I would like to invite you to apply to becoming guest speakers, if this is something that really motivates you and if you feel you have a lot of value to add to our audience!

Please can you message me ASAP if you are keen on:[email protected] tweet me at: @StepUpTFso that we can set up a quick call to chat further!

Have a spectacular day and keep going! You are PHENOMENAL!!!


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Aliya Bashir
Apr 02, 2016
Apr 02, 2016

Hi Alysia,

Welcome to the Leadership group and sharing this amazing opportunity.

Definitely, we need to have inspirational voices to encourage women entrepreneurship!

Looking forward to hearing more on this.

Thank you!