Rewriting your life story, discovering one's ikigai!

Posted April 25, 2020 from United States
Find your life purpose, just a simple excercise
Find your life purpose, just a simple excercise (1/1)

So you were abused.  Physically or emotionally or both. By people whom you completely surrendered with your trust. You suffered for decades. You cried in isolation. No one knew. Neither your friends nor your family. You continued to put up with it. For your kids. For fear of society. For financial security. 

In whatever form and shape you tell it, this story has been heard. Multiple times, ever since the world existed. Men, who have apparently assumed that they are god like just because they are bread winners, narcissistic men who suffer from a false sense of grandiose,  men who have been nurtured to have big egos by poor parenting because they happen to be male.  And of women who lost their self identity and self respect somewhere in their teens, once again due to poor parenting, wrong ideas about oneself and the lack of self-confidence. When women are not showered with love & respect during their early years, they end up losing a lot of confidence and esteem as they grow. A woman is a species that needs appreciation. That likes to be connected with the rest of the world. Because she is the most superior form of existence. 


Back to the telling stories that won’t change. I am saying, let us stop sharing stories of abuse. Enough said. Don’t pay any attention, time and energy to this crap anymore. Such stories do not deserve eyeballs.


Let us tell a different story.  A story such as the one what J.K.Rowling wrote. She was abused too.  She did not go around the world writing blogs about abuse and the man who did it. She wrote a story of sheer talent, of comeback and success that speaks so much louder than any blog on abuse would have ever done. Or a story like Oprah winfrey.  No speaking of abuse, but letting the inner voice speak out like a smooth silk, showing ones talent and life’s purpose in unison.


There is power, so much power in being able to restrain oneself from talking the unwanted and focussing on what will make an impact. Let us all understand that and cherish that.


To be able to focus on the inner self, and to direct all thoughts and actions towards it, we need self-realization. I am not talking about passion which is a bout of sudden rush energy. But more of a purpose driven, committed, repeated day in and day out kind of self-realization. What you would do everyday, irrespective of the outcome. Like a flower, ocean or the tree.  From the heart. 

To find that out, just do this simple exercise in the image. The one that intersects is most likely your ikigai

It is believed that people who go through long bouts of abuse and pain, life is leading them to a path of purpose and self discovery. They are hand picked by the superior force.

If we learn to listen to what is life is telling us, through these experiences and force ourselves to focus on discerning the simple message, our life would turn upside down.  The creativity that we can unleash will lead us to extraordinary experiences. Let us rewrite our life and let us share stories of success, purpose and turning adversity upside down. Because, that is the inspiration our next generation needs.

I am happy to brainstorm and work with you, if you need someone in helping you discover your ikigai - I am happy to spend time in free conversations. I want to help a million girls and women rewrite their life story!! Thanks for reading.

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Apr 25
Apr 25

Thank you for sharing .
Please stay safe out there
Warm regards.

Anita Shrestha
Apr 26
Apr 26

Dear Sister
Thank you for sharing. Be happy and happy

Jill Langhus
Apr 27
Apr 27

Hi Subha,

How are you and your family doing? Thanks for sharing your generous offer. I agree that we need to be careful what we focus on and it dictates how our life unfolds, however, I think there's also a healing process that we need to honor that acknowledges and validates the experiences that we have gone through. And, there are different stages of healing, too. It does take awhile, and the deeper and more hurtful the trauma and abuse, the longer it could potentially take to heal. I think both women and men alike, both need to be validated, heard, respected and healed, too. There are a lot of men that have also gone through a lot of trauma and abuse that need a more loving, balanced, peaceful and secure existence, too.

You may want to share your "offer" on the World Pulse "Resources" page so that other may benefit from your offer.

Shirin Dalaki
Apr 29
Apr 29

Hello Dear,
I enjoyed reading your post. Rewriting our story is the best thing we can do for ourselves since we are energy and we can change anything we want in our life. Also, I was thinking about self realization this morning and then read your post and felt we are in alignment with one another. Thanks,