Song on Financial Inclusion

Subrata Sarkar
Posted October 28, 2018 from India

(This song was developed  by Shri. Subrata Sarkar to propagate the concept of Financial Inclusion based on Financial Literacy. Because of lack of Financial education, rural folk, Women SHG members in India  often keep their hard earned money/savings to the Money lenders or various chit funds out of the illusion  of getting high returns in shorter periods.  and ultimately they became financially vulnerable by loosing their ahrd earned saving/money. In order to make them understand about  the importance of financial literacy and financial inclusion, Shri. sarkar made an attempt to create the Song on Financial Literacy  in regional language ( Bengali) wherein the Micro Finance products like savings, credit, remittances, pensions were described, along with Government of India schemes for farmers like Kissan ( Farmers)  credit cards -KCC,  crop insurance , remittance, General Credit Card ( GCC)  etc were also reflected.  Moreover  emphasis was given for institutional finance, ie to open the Bank account for safe deposit by avoiding wasteful expenditure. After being financially literate through opening of Bank Account in the nearby Bank Branches they would be able to restrict the movement of usurious money lender in the respective villages. As many innocent  villagers lost their deposits in the hand of money lenders,  chit funds that's why they call the Bankers as their savoir, wherein their deposits will be  kept safe( as in India Banks have been Nationalized in i969 and all these Banks are Government undertaking that;s why it is safe.)

“You are my savior, you are my scepter,

I lost everything through to the clutches of usurer Money lenders, Chit funds.

By opening of Bank Account to your Bank Branch

I shall learn about financial literacy and the means for doing thrift by saying “goodbye” to wasteful expenses.

The financial services of your branch is the direction for survival to the farmers

And the “Kishan Credit Card “( KCC) is the said new direction. You are my savior, you are my scepter,

I shall learn financial literacy by opening Bank Account to your Branch. Health insurance, crop insurances are the lifeline of the rural mass GCC, remittances are new more such schemes

Rupay card, pensions are new more such schemes.

So let us go to the Bank and open the Account quickly. Today, we are together with you (Bank) and NABARD (Today)

We are with you and NABARD on the way to Financial Inclusion

So they (Moneylenders, Chit funds) are disappearing from our villages. You are my savoir, you are my scepter---.”


Created by -Shri. subrata Sarkar,( originally developed and tuned  in Bengali -regional language of West Bengal, India, after that it was translated in English and five other Indian languages)

Translator- Shri. S. Sarkar,  Date- 13th November, 2014

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Jill Langhus
Oct 28, 2018
Oct 28, 2018

Hi Subrata,

Thanks for sharing this creative way of educating women on economic empowerment:-)

Anita Shrestha
Oct 10, 2019
Oct 10, 2019


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