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About Me

I am a development professional of having more than 31 years of experience in Rural Development and Community Empowerment in India and other Countries too. I had served many National and International Organization throughout my professional path and was instrumental in empowering the last, the least and the lost. I personally believe that the ensured social engineering process truly empowers the Women's' and marginalized community in raising the "Voice of the Voice less". Efforts thus needed to be given to put the voice of the voice less to motivate them in utilizing their associative strength, available resource and local wisdom in transforming their potentials in to positive action.
Community Based Organization based on "Self Help" concept should be the approach in leading the community towards self reliance . As a development professional I was always instrumental in hearing their real life story, struggle towards improved and sustainable livelihood.

My Vision

My Vision is to facilitate, guide and document the Empowerment process for the marginalized community with special focus on Women.


Experience sharing, mutual support and cooperation could help my work in this regard.


My expertise are based on Capacity Building of the targeted community and helping them to document their " lesson learnt" for future action


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