Three Years of Experience

Sudaba Parnian Ahmadi
Posted May 26, 2012 from Afghanistan

Oh I cried that day, I loved that college; I was kind of attached to it, to my Professors who counted on me a lot, to my classmates, and friends. It was the last day of college; I took the Special IV examination and came out of the hall. Looking at my friends’ faces and people in college campus, I was thinking that I may not be able to meet them again. Flash-back started and I remembered the first day when I as the only girl who was selected for the India’s ICCR scholarship by passing the competitive examination dared to go for it from Herat, Afghanistan in 2009.

It was my first time traveling alone. I hugged mom [who was and is my greatest company] in Kabul International Airport and promised her to be a good girl, offer my prayers to God and tell her everything, all the time!

It was the departure time, I was kind of afraid; I wore my specs and got a window seat, though I always prefer an aisle one. A minute passed and then a bunch of silly questions started eating my mind… Where will I go, how will I study, how will I deal with people there? Airplane landed and the warm weather hugged me. After leaving the fire-like temperature of Delhi, I reached to Pune City. There a good friend of mine with another girl, who later became one of my best friends, came to airport. I don’t know how to explain but the moment I saw them, I was flying, and I felt like my family members are there with me. They took me to their place. It was their sweetness and hospitality and Pune’s pleasant weather which became the hope for surviving.

Later I started my admission process in Pune University: The Oxford of The East! I got admission in MIT one of good colleges in Pune in IT field and the worst one in Arts, especially Political science. I tried to change the college and picked up Fergusson College. But mistakenly this time they gave admission for Symbiosis College, the best college in Science and Arts, but unfortunately there were no classes for political science. Finally after so many efforts I got admission in FC. I still remember when after four months I went to University for the insurance inquiry; the lady responsible for the admission process smiled and told me: I will not forget you! Sudaba, the girl who changed so many colleges!

It was 7th July 2009, my first day in FC. Sharp 7:30 am I was there for my first lecture: History! A great fellow with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm was talking about the World Wars. After the lecture, the first thing that I did as a hungry Human being was searching for college canteen. Although the found canteen in a corner of college near basketball play- ground was so old and didn’t have such an interesting look but still I was counting it as a great achievement of that day. I remember I talked to a girl who was also in my batch and later became a good friend of mine; I got an extra copy of timetable which she had and started staring at it. The whole day was spent searching for the classes and walking around the college campus. It was raining, everywhere was green. Everyone had a smile on his/her lips and that indicated a warm welcome for a girl far from home.

Although it was the first time I was far from family, but totally the first year in Pune was one of the greatest years of my life. I found many new friends and companies; they directly or indirectly taught me how to live and whom to trust. Second year and third year were great too, I got to know two lovable persons in my life who were not only my roommates but my sisters whom I lived with the last two years of my bachelors program in Pune.

During my college time I learned how to be brave, how to fight for my rights, how not to let people judge me the way I am not, and how to utilize my time and get maximum advantage of even the smallest things!

Finally in May 2012 after my final exams, I started packing my luggage which was not only cloths, books and gifts but experience and nice memories too.

Three years are passed, now I am not only a graduate of political science who wants to serve her people and country; but an experienced girl who still needs to gain a lot of experience and knowledge to reach to her main goal...

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