To a Brave Soldier, to the Hero!

Sudaba Parnian Ahmadi
Posted January 17, 2013 from Afghanistan

Mr. Hero,

I am writing to you because I am grateful that you willingly risked your life for your people you, willingly left your loved ones to bring peace for them. I know it’s so difficult to fight for peace especially in a country like ours, but we are with you by our hearts. I am happy for you as I know that you are now flying in gardens of Paradise smiling at all of us though I shed tears, the whole Afghan nation shed tears when the news was heard, when that cruel Mullah killed you, just because he thought killing soldier is defending from religion. You know and I know that Islam is the religion of peace and kindness then why a Muslim leader should have such idea. You fought terrorism but one of your own made a terror act on you… Today, we stand united with you in this great cause for justice and peace, we all condemn the act of that Mullah. I wish instead of each ignorant Mullah there will be one person like you to bring peace in Afghanistan. May your soul rest in peace and may God punish the ignorant ones!

Yours truly

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Jan 18, 2013
Jan 18, 2013

Hi Sudaba,

Your article to the hero is so eloquent. I do not know you but I know from your writings that you are a terrific, wonderful, very soulful person. I applaud you for sharing your soul with us through your words. Please keep us reminded of how we can role-model you and the struggles we should be kept aware of.

Love and Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


Sudaba Parnian Ahmadi
Jan 18, 2013
Jan 18, 2013

Dear Wendy,

Your words are the sources of inspiration. I share what the fact is or what I truly feel. I thank you for your support and kind words.