Tech-less Childhood

Sudaba Parnian Ahmadi
Posted January 29, 2015 from Afghanistan

I look at this picture and think:

When I was a kid, I did not know iPhones and tablets, what people did on their laptops.

In my world, I enjoyed different kinds of hobbies. My mom made alphabet flash cards for me. After I memorized the Sura, I would get a gift from my dad.

When writing and sending letters to aunts and uncles was the most heroic work to do alone;

When I had a hair clip that perfectly matched my dress;

When a new cartoon movie was the reason to exist that day;

When by magic markers, my art came out like Picasso’s masterpieces;

When the huge differently shaped erasers and pens were the valuable things I could show off at school;

When my sister and I took turns dialing a number for grandma on a rotary phone;

When mom had a photographer put film in our disposable camera so I could take it to my elementary school graduation,

I was happy, so happy.

What a pity my children will not experience these simple pleasures.

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Yvette Warren
Feb 02, 2015
Feb 02, 2015

It is you, Sudaba, and your partner in parenting who will dictatae and make available what simple pleasures are available to your children. This is the promise of empowerment.

Be a blessing.


Feb 03, 2015
Feb 03, 2015

How great things! I think now is techonology world for people including babies. I've seen once on internet that some babies use iphone or laptop to play touching on screen.

Thanks for sharing with us,