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About Me

I was born in a small town in Brazil. I am the third generation Japanese-Brazilian. My parents didn´t graduate, althought they worked hard. They made sure my siblings and I had good schools and books. Because of them, I am a journalist. Because of my aunt, I love books and arts. This makes me believe that a person just need a little help to realize the whole world of opportunities. For over 10 years, I worked for big companies as a public relations. Everything changed after I became a mother. Now, I am an independent writer who works from home balancing career and motherhood. I write about child´s rights, women´s rights, human´s rights. I write about education, women´s healthy, children´s book. I believe we really can change the world by providing education, information... and it all starts at home. In Brazil, approximately 90% of the deliveries are C-Section. Women really believe this is the "natural and easiest" way to delivery a baby. It lacks information of this subject... this is just one example, the list is long... Education, Healthcare, Violence against women and children... My voice is not loud, but my writing can be... I truly believe that providing access to information is the first step to start choosing the best option. books, black and white movies, family, people, traveling I need to fight harder for what I believe and trust myself more Communication

My Vision

education for women and equality