One moment in time

Posted October 18, 2020 from Malaysia

I want one moment in time, when I'm more than I thought I could be. When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away, and the answers are all up to me. Give me one moment in time, when I'm racing with destiny, then in that one moment of time I will feel, I will feel eternity - Whitney Houston


I look up to the late Whitney Houston and her songs continues on as an inspiring legacy to me. There is so much we can do vs what we think we are after years of conditioning that we need to conform to what the society pressure of what define a woman, how we conduct ourselves, how we speak and make decisions in workplace or at home.

Life has a very odd way of showing up at the right time and right place, opportunities and choices to seize it are all out there and it boils down to how we want to see it as an opportunity or a threat plus whether we want to a carpe diem, seize the day. Take one step at a time and take one moment in time. Take a good deep breath irregardless how hard the day might turn out or when your stakeholders are playing the hardball nasty, tell yourself you can make through all the adversities. There are so many others out there (especially the women here on this platform) who are rooting your well being and success, and here to let you know: You are loved, and you are worth it.

However this can only be applicable by you taking the first step to tweak your perspective and taking the initiative to compassionate enough to give yourself the chance to seize day, and be in that one moment in time. Do it for yourself, do it for your wellbeing, do it for your growth and from there you would be surprised how far you will grow. Have a beautiful day.

Yours truly, Su Juen

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Oct 19
Oct 19

And the moment might be this time
good to move on one --we say in one long road,safely and end up reaching

Dawn Arteaga
Oct 19
Oct 19

So well said! Thank you for sharing. I think it can take so much humility to change your perspective. It’s truly an act of courage.

Oct 19
Oct 19

Helo Heloo Su Juen. How are you?

I remember that song. We sang it with my cousins during our younger days, trying to reach the high notes (hahaha).

One moment in time.. we always have second chance to change and improve ourselves. it will take time.

Thank you for sharing.

Nini Mappo
Oct 20
Oct 20

Hello Su Juen,
Thank you for the encouragement, indeed freedom is sometimes simply a different perspective away!

Hello, Su Juen,

Thank you again for this inspiring post. :)