Sumera Reshi
Posted August 13, 2019 from United Arab Emirates


My nights are lonely, bizarre and horrible.

I don’t know what shall be next.

Never have I been so desperate as I am now.

My people are locked like a dump flock of sheep.

As if even the wind stopped to travel from Kashmir.

As if everything is lifeless, numb and frozen.

I keep on thinking about my people, my family and friends.

Will I ever listen from them, have a glimpse and exchange my worries.

I don’t know what shall next be.

Weird thoughts have taken control of my mind.

Can I see them healthy and hearty?

Will my heaven be heaven again?

O’ my homeland, I wish I could never leave you.

I wish I could have witnessed the death with you.

I wish I can smell your freshness again.

I wish I can celebrate your sovereignty.

I wish my phone can ring and I can hear my dad’s voice.

I wish my heaven be free from the brutal and forced occupation of Imperialists.   

                                                                                                     Sumera B. Reshi 


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Jill Langhus
Aug 13
Aug 13

Hello Dear Sister Sumera,

I'm speechless:-( I can feel your despair, and only have love, light, well wishes, and support to offer you... I hope it's enough in your hour of need...


Hello, Sumera,

How heartless are those leaders who lock you up! We wish the same things for you. You poems are powerful. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, sis.

Beth Lacey
Aug 14
Aug 14

So sorry for your troubles. Sending you hope

Sumera Reshi
Aug 14
Aug 14

Thanks for your sympathy dear.

Aug 19
Aug 19

So amazing a poem, you are a very good narrator. You make the reader picture the story visibly. This is what makes one a good narrator or story teller. Thanks for sharing, and honestly you made my day.

Sumera Reshi
Aug 20
Aug 20

Dear Lisbeth,

That is so nice of you, else I am not at all a poet. I write what I feel right now.

Sep 17
Sep 17

Dear Sumera,
Your poem is so powerful. I wish nobody in the earth go through the distress and this kind of situation. May peace prevail in the earth.
warm regards,

Sumera Reshi
Sep 17
Sep 17

Dear Anjana,

I swear I am not a poet but since my heart is in pain, it writes what it feels.

Anita Shrestha
Oct 04
Oct 04

Hello sister
Very very genuine