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Sunfish English
Posted August 13, 2014 from Israel

About Me:I am an English teacher and entrepreneur. Creating fun, games and materials that combine tangible, social formats with relevant technology for young children to learn English along with their parents is the mission of my company, Sunfish English Games.

My partner and I both hold higher degrees in education and have years of experience teaching English to young non-English speaking children. We know how important it is for their futures to be able to communicate in English, and that fun, thoughtfully designed games are the way to accomplish this.

My Passions:music, reading, eating, teaching

My Challenges:starting my new company as a 40+ woman

My Vision for the Future:to create a company that fills a specific market need and empowers people worldwide with confidence in English.

My Areas of Expertise:English teaching, music, young learners

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Aug 13, 2014
Aug 13, 2014

Dear sunfish,

Welcome to the community! You are now part of a thriving network of grassroots women leaders and supporters from more than 190 countries. See the Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

I look forward to hearing your voice in the community!

In friendship, pelagia

Yvette Warren
Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014

Welcome to World Pulse, Sunfish. I agree with you that games are a great way to teach. When I tutored children in reading, we used many games.

Your visions are one step closer to achievement when you network in such a strong group of empowered people. You are only one person, but you are smart enough to know that our power is exponential when combined with other powerful people.

I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

Continue to be a blessing. Yvette Warren

Sunfish English
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014

Thank-you, Yvette, It's nice to meet you. You are doing a great thing by helping children to read. I believe that literacy is the key to success and games are the best way to engage children and promote positive attitudes toward learning.

Best Regards, Ellyn Marciano Sunfish English Games