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About Me

This is me Abilio Suni. I come from Timor Leste. My Regional is Oe-Cusse (RAEOA) I became a new generation to the world as want full to contribute and promote art and local cotton to the young Girls and Youth of the promoter . I was born to solve and need help from your interest as me the same mind. We life from agriculture and we star education from young poor and we love natural cotton and because I always love it and want to promote it. I studied in National University of Timor Lorosae. But not graduate because the problem of arrogant from other one. But now I try and almost finish my education to graduate for this month and my graduation now is the subject specially of me as Public Policy and Management . I hope you great and honest to do something without interest to the world nation as all in side. My love is one to another the life and the same hearth because we are the one woman being . Today and tomorrow I never come to sit-down but want to do and do with you world pulse .

My Vision

Never been lazy to develop my country. I need my permission it's not depended on the covid -19 because this is the one character to destroy.


I need your help and work to gather to star from the plan not from your speak but not do any more. I need your big dream to solve small PLPl


During my plan I am self . And now I hope to support me to develop this meaning to gather from happen bad inside this world and became good.


Arts and CultureEducation EqualityEngaging Men and Boys in Gender EqualityHuman Rights for WomenWomen and the Environment