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About Me

Domestic violence is easily accepted by women and there is no level to measure what is acceptable and what is not. Be it from the birth, women voices are controlled and never heard. I have seen many instances in my own family and the society in spite of being educated, leading a respectable life the attitude of men towards women is not changed.

Women are not aware of what their life could be if they have a strong voice. Let it be their education, career, health; women are always ready to compromise and never want their opinions to be heard.

I want to change their thinking. I want to see strong independent women in every house. I want to see where opportunities are not discriminated based on gender. I want to see a life where women voices are heard and their views are respected. I want to see a life where all the women are empowered and can survive their own livelihood. I want to see a life where women are healthy and happy.

My Vision

Empower Women!


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