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About Me

Susana Tuya Sarmiento is an International Celebrity Speaker, TV Presenter, Journalist, Producer and No1 Best Selling Author and highly sought after the media through Australia and New Zealand.

Susana has a very clear life mission and that is to make a difference on peoples lives!

A truly passionate and high energy Latina now living between New Zealand and Australia who embodies and lives her life’s work. When you read her words, watch her present and when in her presence you cannot help to be magnetised by the delivery of her messages.

Her life has been a journey of many twists and turns and she gladly shares her failures, her wins and life gem lessons with us all in an authentic, empowering and very entertaining manner.

Susana’s journey came to total halt when she became unexpectedly chronically ill with an autoimmune condition CFS Chronic & Adrenal Fatigue and ME Myalgic Enciphilitis and unable to move from the nerve pain and fatigue for over 3 years. However as she joyfully shares “I had no choice. With nowhere to go besides go inward and really take a serious look at my life, I call it my body and life upgrade”.

To connect with Susana and or book her to speak at your next event or show you can reach her at or at

My Vision

“I believe in educating women to fully embrace who they are by creating a culture where women are free and confident to celebrate and nurture differences”


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