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About Me

I am a woman of substance with the passion for women development being it education, decision-making and exploring their God gifted talents for the development of their communities and nations. I a mother of three and a foster mother of one. Married, Worker and a student.

Women are the engine of every society. We can be found everywhere in live provided we are given the chance and opportunity. why is society not giving women the chance to operate fully? Can't we be given the chance and platforms to help our men counterpart to bring our society to the expected standard for everyone.

Yes women and children are the most vulnerable yet we the very sensitive with issues affecting our society.

There are alot of challenges that a face in discharging my duties. As a married woman with children, a worker and a student it is not easy doing certain things at times for my society. Financially it is difficult to lend a helping hand to women who needs financial support in my society..

My expertise is that I do inspire women both young and old in education, marriages and social issues. I am a mentor to a number of young girls who have come in conduct with me during a number of meetings I have attended.

To colleague members, be source of courage to young ones. Make someone to smile and be interested in people well being. Be humble and respectful because respect is reciprocal.

My Vision

1. To see to it that Women in the Public and Civil Service should be given the opportunity to participate in governance in my country.

2.And to help rehabilitate ex-convert to the society after serving their prison terms by supporting them with accommodation, initial capital to start up businesses or trade before moving into the society to prevent them from committing crimes.


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