Susan Kenniston

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About Me

I was introduced to the WorldPulse community through a friend. It is hard to describe the peace and hope I feel in witnessing the energy, action, heart and ability to engage, that surrounds the WP community. There is peace in seeing the organic nature of open channels for our voices. There is hope in the collective music of our voices. I believe with all my soul that this is how change happens. And, it is happening right in front of us.

And so I hope to bring my roots, passions, skills and experiences, bringing forth experiences of living and learning across several areas and continents. As a technology advisor with WP, I am honored in helping to guide a platform for our voices, connections and actions, and humbled by the breadth and depth of each of your own lives and experiences.

My Vision

Our words and actions helping each other in small and big ways, and technology hubs and forums with leadership from around the world


Please help me and the others at WP understand how WP and technology can help you make a difference!