Holding Gratitude

Sushmita Das
Posted January 2, 2021 from India

Gratitude is the essence of life 

It increases proportionally when you express it towards everything and everyone who crosses by your side

Gratitude leaves you with the peace that you had been searching for, outside.

It soothes your soul by calming your heart

It instills your mind with the power of divine

The power that anchors your thoughts to manifest the dreams.

Be grateful to the adversaries that taught you the lesson of eradicating the animosity that you were cultivating with your own existence, which certainly was a great hindrance.

Be grateful to the people who left you during your crucial journey, surely that was the best for you to reach your desired destiny 

Be grateful to those who tried spilling the splashes of pessimism, unknowingly they pushed you towards the optimism, by letting you run away from their act of cruelty.

Be grateful for all the uncertainties that emerged in your life, because that’s when you decided to stand up and fight.


I'm really grateful to all the sisters of World Pulse who share their words to inspire women all across the world.

My humble request to the sisters of World Pulse is that, please keep sharing your stories, you never know who and at what juncture of life, may get the light of optimism that is the "hope" after reading your stories.

Wishing you and your near and dear a very happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

Let's take a pledge to empower everyone who comes into our interaction during the year 2021.

We all are here to inspire and empower the world through our voices via this global platform of World Pulse.

Stay Empowered, sisters.

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anita shrestha
Jan 02
Jan 02

Hi dear
Interesting, keep it continues

Sushmita Das
Jan 02
Jan 02

Thank you for your appreciation.

Jan 02
Jan 02

Thanks I am greatful after reading this write-up

Hello, Sushmita,

Thank you for reminding us about the "Attitude of gratitude" it gives us a positive perspective in life. We are grateful for your presence here, too. Thank you for always posting inspiring stories and for leaving encouraging comments. Keep it going!